Paul Bourke


Research Associate Professor
Director: iVEC @ UWA
Head of Pawsey visualisation team
Phone: +61 8 64888097
Skype: pauldavidbourke
Mobile: 04 33338325

The following are my personal/professional WWW pages, I hope you find what you're looking for or something else that interests you. These pages come in a number of flavours: reports on projects I've been involved in, notes for myself that I've put online instead of in a paper notebook, tutorials to assist others get started in various technical areas, papers that I've published or collaborated on, various image galleries, and finally some pages that are simply for amusement. I welcome any feedback on the content as well as any suggestions or corrections you think should be made. If you extend any of the ideas or techniques discussed on these pages then I'm happy to include your contribution in the relevant section.

Contents : Index -- Table of contents
Papers, Articles, Seminars, Workshops
Data Formats: 3D, audio, image
Geometry, Surfaces, Curves, Polyhedra
Fractals, Chaos, self similarity
Texture, Colour, Tiling
Exhibitions, competitions, productions
Domes, planetariums, fisheye, spherical mirror
Stereographics, 3D projection
Miscellaneous: Projection, Modelling, Rendering
Fun, Puzzles, Travel
Old stuff, historical interest only
New : Fun with a drone
Slit Scan photography
Chronopanorama (Time lapse panoramas)
Mobius-Strip-Like Columnar Functional Connections ...
Presenting : Virtual Reality: A new facility at UWA
Novel physical representations for the visualisation of science data and mathematics. April 2015
Enhancing research with new and emerging presentation technologies. April 2015.
Attending : 8th International Conference on Computer Games Multimedia & Allied Technologies. 13-14 April 2015
School of Art Design and Media. NTU, Singapore. 22-24 April 2015.
Siggraph Asia 2015. Kobe, November 2015.
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