Googleblatted and SlashDotted

Using Google? (Reading Slashdot? The followup story)

Looking for images of quaternion fractals?

On the 3rd of February 2004, this page (or rather the page that was here) was swamped by requests and the server subsequentially failed. The reason was traced to Google introducing a fractal looking logo (see below), which when clicked, performed an image search for "julia" and "fractal". The two most interesting resulting images on the top row of the list were on this page (or rather the page that was here).

[Image used without permission from Google]

In order to get this server functional again, the pages that were here have been moved somewhere else. It shouldn't be too hard to find them if you really want to, do a Google search for "Quaternion fractal" or if you would like to create your own Quaternion fractals try POVRay.

Please note that this is not a criticism of Google but rather an interesting dimension to the power they wield. They have hundreds (thousands?) of servers worldwide that distribute their traffic load. If even a small percentage of that traffic is directed to a single server.....what chance does it have?

Questions: Should Google ask permission before potentially sending huge traffic loads to a single page/server? Should they regulate traffic to individual sites/pages by changing the order of the search results? Is it the responsibility of the person who hosts the pages to protect her/himself? What are the good govenance responsibilities of these large traffic funnelling services?

Happy searching!

Google giveth
and Google taketh away
Blessed is Google?
[Roger Bagula]