Scientific data visualisation using techniques normally reserved for more frivolous activities

Paul Bourke

Journal on Computing (JoC), Vol 4, No 3 (2015)


Here we present technologies one normally encounter being used for frivolous merchandising, to the presentation and visualisation of scientific data and mathematics. Three particular print technologies will be presented, they are glasses free lenticular prints, 3D printing (also known as rapid prototyping) and crystal engraving. The relative merits of each technology will be presented, what forms of data they are most suited to, the challenges and limitations, and some details of how required data formats are created. The discussion will be illustrated by examples from the authors application of the technologies in the context of creating engaging data presentations and visualisation for research, public outreach, education, museum and art gallery exhibition.


Visualisation, data representation lenticular, crystal engraving, 3D printing, rapid prototype, hologram, glasses free.


PDF: paper.pdf