Content Creation for Dome Displays

P.D. Bourke
Curtin HIVE (Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch), June 2014

Domes are an exciting way of surrounding the viewer in a digital environment, filling their entire visual field of view. This introduction to dome displays will provide a comprehensive overview of the advantages and challenges of creating content for this particular style of immersive environment. Unlike flat single surface displays or multiple wall displays there are some fundamental differences when it comes creating content for smooth hemispherical surfaces. The seminar will draw upon the presenters extensive experience of using a range of hemispherical dome configurations, these include large scale planetarium orientated domes to the small personal front facing iDomes. Content will include photography, fisheye and 360 degree video, real-time applications and simulators using game engines.

Application examples will cover science visualisation across a number of fields, education and public outreach through exhibitions in museums or art galleries. At the end of this seminar the audience should understand the opportunities and requirements for creating content for a dome environment.

Presentation slides: PDF