OzViz 2008 Visualisation Showreel

Attendees were invites to present a HD resolution movie for consideration into a showreel that would be run during the conference. The following are the successful entrants (sorry, the actual movies have been removed in the interest of storage requirements).

Examples of RGBA volumes

The Malaria Lifecycle

(Galactic All-Sky Survey)

Fossil visualisation:
Placoderm fish jaw

Simulating expansion of
a supernova remnant

Stellar cluster evolution

Bigger than Big

Volcanic Plumbing

Egyptian Mummy

Frozen in Time

Artforms of Nature:
A new way of seeing

ASKAP site visualisation

Mathematical visualisation
of cortical anatomy

Application examples
Leslie Almberg
David Barnes
Drew Berry
Paul Bourke
Ajay Limaye
Peter Morse
Toby Potter
Elizabeth Stark
Lister Staveley-Smith
Kate Trinajistic
James Wright