OzViz 2009 Visualisation Showreel

Attendees were invites to present a HD resolution movie for consideration into a showreel that would be run during the conference. The following are the successful entrants (sorry, the actual movies have been removed in the interest of storage requirements).

Visualising the Global Oceans
[GEBCO data]

Multi-Perspective Capture
and Voxel Reconstruction

Volume Visualisation
Under the Dome

Wollongong Science Center
iDome Exhibit

Australia Square Kilometer
Array Pathfinder

Conceptual Visualisation of Secondary
Ion Mass Sectrometry Ion Probe

Iron Mineralisations in the
Teeth of Marine Chitons

Visualisation of Nanostructured Carbon
by EFTEM Tomography

Unstable Groundwater Flow
Caused by Salt Water Density

Simulation of Salt Water Intrusion
into a Coastal Aquifer

Groundwater Visualisation System

Driving Simulator

Interactive Platform for
Urban Planning and Design

Galaxy Formation Simulation

Moon Landing

eResearch 2009
Visualisation Challenge Finalist

Visualising Conduction and
Diffusion on Networks

Collaborative Visualisation
in SecondLife

Eye of Nagaur