A Methodological Case Study of High Resolution Rock Art Recording in the East Pilbara, Western Australia

Australian Archaeological Association 2015 Conference
December 2015

Annabelle Davis (Rio Tinto), Jo McDonald (University of Western Australia), Petra Helmholz (Curtin University), David Belton (Curtin University), Paul Bourke (University of New South Wales)

See also: West Angeles rock shelters: Digital representations


Heritage management in the spatial dimension: a methodological case study of the pros and cons of high resolution rock art recording in the East Pilbara, Western Australia. In 2014 Rio Tinto commissioned UWA Centre for Rock Art Research, Curtin University School of Spatial Sciences and IVEC to undertake a detailed rock art recording programme of 4 rock art sites at West Angelas in the East Pilbara region of Western Australia. As well as applying traditional rock art recording methodologies the project also aimed to produce a full dynamic record of the sites that could be recreated in the virtual or physical world should the Traditional Owners wish. In order to achieve this, the team undertook high resolution recording of the sites using photogrammetry and laser scanning. This paper examines the technology and methods applied to this project and the associated results within the constraints of a cultural heritage management context.

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