Fulldome: Adventures on the Fringe

APS (Australasian Planetarium Society)

St Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, February 17-18 2007

Presented by Paul Bourke
February 2007


The planetarium industry is embracing fulldome video in order to present their traditional astronomy material in an engaging and immersive environment. There are many other applications and projection environments that employ fulldome video for the same reasons but which the planetarium community may be less familiar with. This talk will present some of the more unique projects by the author that employ fulldome video. This will include fulldome projection into the largest dome in Australia, some recent work with navigable movies that extend the usual concept of passive movie viewing and storytelling, a fulldome projection environment designed for viewing by animals, and personal single person domes. These will be illustrated with content examples from a number of diverse disciplines from scientific visualisation to virtual heritage.

The following slides give the outline of the presentation, movies and interactive demonstrations are replaced by a single representative frame or screen shot.

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