Upright dome workshop and demonstration

APS 2008

Presented by Paul Bourke

On May the 9th, attendees of the APS 2008 conference who are interested are invited to attend a session on upright domes. These are hemispherical domes oriented at 90 degrees to the traditional planetarium dome and while not always suitable for astronomy, they are better suited to other immersive applications. This workshop will demonstrate the projection technology, present examples of applications of how it is being used for visualisation, demonstrate examples of navigable movies, and discuss content creation issues. It is expected to be a very informal session, attendees are welcome to ask questions and steer the discussion in directions that are of interest to them.

Location: WASP, Ground floor Physics building, UWA.
Session 1. 10am until noon (est), Friday 9th May.
Session 2. 2pm until 4pm (est), Friday 9th May.
Contact: Paul Bourke for more information.
Bookings essential due to limited space.