Capture of immersive video with the LadyBug-3 Camera

APS (Australasian Planetarium Society)

Launceston, Tasmania.
Presentation by Paul Bourke delivered by Peter Morse
April 2010


This presentation will introduce the LadyBug-3 camera as a means of capturing video content for immersive environments. Two projects from 2008/2009 employing the earlier model of the camera have been repeated with the new camera, but the main discussion will focus on cultural material filmed in Turkey in 2010. This material is destined for an exhibition using a 360 degree cylindrical display but the cameras field of view is wide enough that the footage can also be used to create fisheye video for a hemispherical dome. Examples within the iDome will be presented and some sample footage has been prepared for the Launceston planetarium dome.

Presentation slides: aps2010.pdf