Using Mac OS-X to drive immersive displays for science visualisation and education

Paul Bourke
AUC Conference "Evolution of the Species"
Hobart, Tasmania. September 2005

The Swinburne University Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing employs immersive displays for scientific visualisation as well as for our public education and outreach activities. I will discuss and demonstrate how Mac OS-X is being used to drive these exciting environments which include stereoscopic walls, hemispherical domes, and tiled displays. The majority of the software development is intended to be cross platform between various flavours of UNIX and as such is based upon standards such as X11 and OpenGL. However recent developments in Tiger have enabled us to provide new solutions based up on QuickTime 7 and the Quartz engine.


auc.pdf (Half size frames, without the animations)