Novel Image Capture and Presentation in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

Presented by Paul Bourke
BIT's 2nd Annual World Congress of Cultural & Creative IT Industries
World EXPO Center, Dalian, China. June 2014

I will present practical project based examples of novel image and video based techniques that have been employed to enhance the digital capture, preservation and presentation of research in archaeology and cultural heritage. The focus will be on the following technologies: photogrammetry (the 3D reconstruction of objects based solely upon photographs), giga-pixel photography (regular perspective as well as panorama projections), high fidelity volumetric capture (for example CT scanning) and 360 degree high resolution panoramic video. Projects to which these techniques are applied will include, but will not be limited to, Australian indigenous rock art, marine archaeology, Malaysian tribal and Australian aboriginal rituals and digital preservation of culturally significant artifacts. While the techniques presented are not necessarily new, the underlying technologies are all currently benefiting from recent advances both with regard to sensor resolution, hardware assisted parallel computing and the related computer algorithms. This is giving rise to an increase in quality as well as an increasing commoditization with the associated cost benefits.

In addition to the image capture I will also present technologies by which these digital assets can be presented and visualised, for example, through game engines, high resolution displays and immersive displays that completely surround the observer in a virtual environment. The merits of each display technology will be presented in conjunction with the digital data types it provides the greatest benefit to. This will also be presented in the context of actual projects by the author.

The intended audience of the presentation will be those with an interest in current capture techniques for digital heritage. It will be aimed at informing and inspiring attendees in the application of these technologies and illustrating the state of the art.

Presentation slides in pdf [Movies marked as such]