Imaging and visualisation in heritage

Presented by Paul Bourke
Computer Science and Software Engineering
November 2014


Presented will be a number of digital imaging techniques that are being developed and evaluated for the capture, archiving, presentation and visualisation of heritage objects, places and culture. The techniques discussed will include methods for whole site capture, ultra-high resolution photography, 360 degree surround video and 3D reconstruction. These are intended to supplement the more traditional methods used by researchers in this area and will all be illustrated by practical examples by the author in collaboration with researchers at UWA or internationally. A common theme to most of the examples will be the need to perform the imaging in remote areas or harsh environments precluding the use of other possible capture technologies.

In addition to the data capture, some of the ways in which the resulting digital assets can be presented to peers and the general public will be discussed. These will include the use of novel displays, virtual tours and the use of game engines.

The hardware and software solutions will be described along with some of the remaining computing challenges associated with the unique requirements and opportunities arising from these techniques.

Presentation slides: PDF version