Digital Fulldome, Techniques and Technologies

Course presented at Graphite (ACM Siggraph), Perth, Dec 2007

Paul Bourke

Planetariums and other hemispherical displays are increasingly embracing the exciting possibilities offered by digital fulldome projection. Once the domain of high budget operations, there now exist a wider range of projection technologies suited to small inflatable domes to multi-projector systems in large fixed domes. As a consequence of fulldome projection the opportunities for planetariums as an immersive environment is expanding to more than the traditional astronomy education, for example, education in other science disciplines, pure entertainment, gaming, and artistic endeavours.

This course will introduce and discuss the basics of digital fulldome content creation and the various projection options. It will be targeted towards those who have recently started working in this area or are contemplating doing so. The course will concentrate on the fundamental principles of fisheye generation/projection rather than any one particular software package or technology. Upon completing the course attendees should feel comfortable working and problem solving in the discipline.

Course notes