Scientific Visualisation for Astronomy Research and Public Outreach

Presented by Paul Bourke
Kuching Planetarium. June 2007

In this talk the outcomes from a number of recent projects will be presented where visualisation techniques have been applied to astrophysics research as well as being used for public education in astronomy. These projects will include, but will not be limited to, observational datasets such as large galaxy surveys, particle simulations of galaxy interaction/formation, and large scale cosmological simulations computed on supercomputers. In addition to the benefits to researchers I will demonstrate how the graphical results from visualisation can be used for educational purposes to both adults and school children. Particular emphasis will be placed on the use of new digital technology such as stereoscopic and fulldome projection in order to engage the audience. This talk will be highly visual in nature and will include a live demonstration of an exciting new fulldome digital projection technology presented on the Kuching planetarium dome.

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