Digital fulldome for science research and public education

Presented by Paul Bourke
Kuching Planetarium. March 2010

Digital fulldome projection into hemispherical domes can provide a strong immersive sensation to the viewer. In the case of science education, this sensation can be of benefit by creating an engaging learning environment. Unfortunately the costs and expertise required are often beyond the means of all but the larger educational institutions. There are however fulldome projection systems that may not have the visual fidelity of the much more expensive versions but never-the-less can deliver comparable educational outcomes.

This presentation by Paul Bourke will discuss the use of digital fulldome within the University of Western Australia and internationally. This will include how it is used to enhance visualisation in science research, provide engaging teaching environments, and create novel exhibits for museums and art galleries. The session will be informal, lots of real examples will be shown on the dome, and attendees are welcome to ask questions.

Presentation material: slides.pdf