Future Directions in Astronomy Visualisation

C.J. Fluke, P.D. Bourke, D. O'Donovan
PASA (Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia), Vol 23, Issue 1, 2006, pp 12-24.
Doi: 10.1071/AS05034


Despite the large budgets spent annually on astronomical research equipment such as telescopes, instruments and supercomputers, the general trend is to analyse and view the resulting datasets using small, two-dimensional displays. We report here on alternative advanced image displays, with an emphasis on displays that we have constructed, including stereoscopic projection, multiple projector tiled displays and a digital dome. These displays can provide astronomers with new ways of exploring the terabyte and petabyte datasets that are now regularly being produced from all-sky surveys, high-resolution computer simulations, and Virtual Observatory projects. We also present a summary of the Advanced Image Displays for Astronomy (AIDA) survey which we conducted from March-May 2005, in order to raise some issues pertinent to the current and future level of use of advanced image displays.


methods: data analysis -- techniques: image processing -- astronomical databases: miscellaneous