Stereoscopic 3D technology: history, principles, and limitations.

Paul Bourke
Nov 2010


In the light of the current commoditisation of stereoscopic capture and 3D displays it is interesting to reflect on it's long and rich history, dating back even to the very earliest days of photography. This presentation will outline the history of stereoscopic 3D technology from the early days of stereoscopic photography, the era of anaglyphic and polaroid movies, the development of stereoscopy for visualisation and virtual environments, and finally the current plethora of 3D ready televisions. The fundamental theory behind stereoscopic capture, generation, and presentation will be covered for the main stream technologies and some future possibilities will be discussed. Finally, given the increased exposure of the general population to stereoscopic viewing in the home there will be a discussion around some of the limitations and possible dangers of the technology.






Science Network WA story: stereohistory.pdf