Novel imaging of heritage objects and sites.

Paul Bourke

Presented at VSMM (20th International Conference on Virtual Systems & Multimedia)

Published in the Proceedings of VSMM 2014 International Conference. IEEE Xplore Conference Publications.
DOI: 10.1109/VSMM.2014.7136666, pp 25-30

December 2014 (Hong Kong)


Presented are three novel imaging techniques increasingly being used to record heritage indigenous sites, namely, 3D model reconstruction derived solely from photographs, high resolution panorama imaging and high resolution photographic mosaics. A highly desirable feature these techniques have in common is that they only require a good digital camera making them a viable option for recording at remote sites. In addition they involve largely automated processes and do not require specialist training. Examples will be presented of these technologies for heritage object and site recordings by researchers at The University of Western Australia. For each capture modality the principles will be outlined, the relative merits and limitations will be discussed along with their respective applications for research and as a means of creating valuable digital assets.


Photogrammetry, 3D reconstruction, mosaic, gigapixel, panorama, photography, feature points, image stitching.

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